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Contains subject matter inappropriate for readers under 17.

Turning 21 hasn't proven very fruitful for Jewelia Delarosa. Still, One lost boyfriend &

Two failed classes haven't gotten her down. She's got her sights set on a career with the NYPD,

On course ... until she meets an irresistible and unpredictable Med Student who contradicts

Everything she thought she knew about Life, Love, Commitment ... and Sex.




Q & A


Love is the beauty which clings to life, binds hearts together, leaving them hollow without it.


For as long as she can remember, Jewelia Delarosa has dreamed of becoming a Crime Scene Investigator, and here she is, living in Manhattan with best friend and psychologist Emma Kim, about to graduate John Jay College with a 3.8 and a B.S. in Criminal Justice. Possessing all of the necessary qualifications, Jewelia is focused and cocksure. But before she has a chance to set foot through the doors of the Police Academy, she's captured by a charming medical student, thrown into a battle for love, and the promising career that yesterday seemed merely a heartbeat away.


James "Indigo" Ballou is breathtakingly irresistible, disturbingly unpredictable, and even with her investigative prowess, "Jewel" can't figure out why. Their relationship tosses like the wild waves of The Hamptons, where she comes face to face with her nemesis, realizing there's more to their periods of separation than his hectic schedule.


Whatever secret Indigo is hiding parts them emotionally, but not physically. Traipsing through a series of seductive encounters, Jewel finds herself drowning in lust, desperation, and worst of all, injustice.


Whether on the front seat of his Wrangler or his kitchen counter, her reserve is low, desire higher than the roof of the isolated A-frame in Maine where the two enjoy a weekend with friends, and take romance to the next level.


The mystery is solved, and Jewelia believes she's conquered her demon ― until the unimaginable strikes and she's forced to take matters into her own hands. Jewelia must confront the dark streets of New York City, and a challenge even a seasoned cop might not attempt without backup.


Who'll be there to catch her when she's falling Head Over Wheels? 




Head Over Wheels (Spicy Young Romance) by January Valentine


Q & A


You write adult contemporary romance, horror and thrillers. What made you decide to write about young love?


I'd first like to say, while the story is woven around a young couple, the protagonists are both over 21.  The story contains an intense level of heat which should be considered inappropriate for readers under the age of 17.  


The lure of young romantic fiction appears to be ageless. As a romance writer, and reader, I also enjoy a certain level of physical contact between hero and heroine. I want to feel the power of that electricity. So, I've tried to bridge the sexual gap that lies between new adult and adult contemporary romance.


What is the storyline?


Head Over Wheels is a lighthearted romance (at times) dealing with heavy topics (always.)

Jewelia has recently turned 21, and is realizing that being of "legal age" doesn't necessarily mean she knows everything there is to know about life. Here is an abbreviated synopsis to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.


Turning 21 hasn't proven very fruitful for Jewelia Delarosa. Still, one lost boyfriend &

two failed classes haven't gotten her down. She's got her sights set on a career with the NYPD,

and is on course ... until she meets an irresistible and unpredictable medical student who contradicts

everything she thought she knew about Life, Love, Commitment ... and Sex.


Tell us about Jewelia.


Jewelia is a bright and energetic young woman with a promising future. Since childhood, she's dreamed of being a Crime Scene Investigator. She feels more comfortable on a dance floor than anywhere else in the world. She has strong family ties, and during the course of the book, often "consults" with her grandmother, with whom she had a close relationship before her grandmother passed away.  She lives in Manhattan with roommate, Emma Kim, and works part-time security for an upscale department store while completing college. Emma is the more studious of the two, offering advice, even her wardrobe, and is a central character.


Tell us about the hero.


Even young adults have a past, sometimes baggage to lug around.  Indigo is no exception. He's in his late twenties, stunningly handsome, and disturbingly unpredictable. Just completing medical school, about to begin his residency in a NYC hospital, he's not looking for an attachment. However, there's something about Jewelia that catches his eye, makes his blood boil. She threatens his self control, among other things you'll have to read the book to find out about.


What other characters help highlight the book?


Pete Williams is an NYPD cop emerging from rookie status, hoping to work undercover. Of course he's hot and rides a Harley. From the moment they met, Pete and Jewelia formed an instant bond. Pete is a central character.


Every good romance needs a villain: enter Vanessa Whitehall, the girl who's part of Indigo's past. Vanessa goes above and beyond your average bitch-witch.


William Addison aka Billy Arkana finds something in Central Park he thought had been forever lost in high school.


I enjoy blending multiple genres in my stories. My romance contains humor. My thrillers contain romance. My horror contains all three elements.  While Head Over Wheels has some potent moments, it also has a humorous side. Like life, it's a bit of this and that.


Yvonne and Derek add that bit of humor to the back story. Derek's ambition is essential to the plot.


The story focuses on building relationships, overcoming obstacles,  attaining goals, and dealing with passion ... and pain, two of the most elemental emotions in life. 


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